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The Fenwick Elliott Mallets website contains information about some mallets that are intended to be the best croquet mallets in the world. They are the result of a couple of years prototyping, and are now in production.    

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The current head is the Series 4. These heads are made from graphite composite and tungsten, and are designed to be even more peripherally weighted and more durable than our previous models, giving a much bigger sweet spot than a traditional mallet, and come in 3 weights.  They are fitted with a unique lightweight graphite composite shaft of rounded square cross-section which can be cut to any length.  

The whole mallet is very energy-efficient, producing the highest possible ball speed from any given swing speed.  By the same token, it produces excellent ratio stop shots.

Navigate around these pages and see what we have done - and why - in our search for the perfect mallet. If you would like one of these mallets, or a shaft to fit your existing head, please email gavin@insearchoftheperfectmallet.com

There is also some other material that may be of some interest to croquet players generally.


See News page for details of our new soft shaft

Alix Verge

First World Championship! Well done, Alix Verge. And thanks for your kind words about the mallet:

"I was always known for good hoop running and good roquets and stun shots when using my old peripherally weighted mallet but I genuinely believe that the true swing of my Fenwick Elliott mallet gave me the edge that I needed to win a World Championship."

See the News Page for a video of those last three hoops, when Alix came back from 2 down with 2 to play to win the final.

Croquet booklets for sale; see booklets page

More feedback; see the What they say page.

New 0-rings - see the News Page.

Replacement endcaps; see the News Page.

Image:Flag of the United States.svgWayne Davies is now our agent for the Untited States and Canada; see USA page.


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